Bread Vada


  • 2 Slices of Bread​
  • Ginger 10​gm
  • Carrot 50 gm
  • Onion 10 gm
  • Salt 5​gm
  • Turmeric​ 5 gm
  • Cumin seed​ 5gm
  • Red chilli powder 10gm
  • Oil​ 500ml
  • Green chilli ​5gm
  • Rice flour 25gm



Take brown bread slices and tear them to pieces, now add ginger, onion, carrot, green chilli, cumin, salt & red chili powder to the bread pieces​​​​​​​


Add some rice flour to the batter to make the bread vada crispy then sprinkle some water to make a dough out of it


Now divide the dough in small portions to make patty from it, now deep fry it & eat it fresh